The BDS is offering you a maximum of partnership offers with the sports clubs of Belfort and Montbéliard. Indeed, the sports proposed by the association are adapted to all levels. However, many of you already are very good and are looking for a club offering training and competition at a higher level.

The purpose of these partnerships is to offer you a license at a lower price, with sometimes very advantageous discounts or even temporary free activities. To benefit from this advantages, you must be a member of the BDS and have the sticker of the current semester.

The BDS is always looking to extend its partnerships.

Here are the main partnerships up to date:

Get the level 1 french diving certificate for only 78€ through several diving sessions (at the Pannoux pool and eventually in open water) during the semester. To do so, please contact us at the email address “” at the beginning of the semester.

Each semester a dozen of students take their N1 diving diploma.

The BDS is offering you one free entry to the pool per person per week. The ticket must be collected at the Belfort office or at the Sévenans office, within the limit of 30 tickets distributed per week. So first come, first served (don’t forget your student card with its BDS sticker).

See the opening hours of the pool here.

Take advantage of free entry and skate rental every Tuesday evening between September and April: see opening hours here.

Don’t forget your student card with its BDS sticker – the only condition to benefit from the discount.

You and your friends want to play paintball on a Thursday afternoon?

In that case you can contact us at “” to make a reservation: we will lend you the necessary equipment (deposit check required), and we will also reimburse you the price of the field rental under the condition of a group photo with your UTBM Competition t-shirts given at your registration. The only costs you will have to pay are the purchase of paintballs, at the advantageous rate of 36€ per 2000 balls (minimum lot size), and the rental of protective/additional equipment.

The site of the Vézelois field HERE!

As a BDS member of the École Supérieure des Technologies et des Affaires (ESTA) in Belfort, or of the UTBM BDS, you have access to all the sports and events offered by our two associations, whose locations and schedules are available at this address for Belfort, and at this address for Montbéliard (don’t forget your student card with its BDS sticker).

The partner commits to:

  • Make a discount on the annual fee for Taekwondo (50€ – annual fee)
  • Make a discount on the annual fee for Physical Preparation (20€ – annual fee)
  • Make a discount on the annual fee for Physical Preparation + Taekwondo (60€ – annual fee)
  • Offer a free trial session to each member who wants it

Find the partner’s website HERE!

The partner commits to:

  • Apply a 25€ reduction on the annual membership fee (110 € instead of 135€)
  • Apply a 20€ discount on half-year fees
  • Offer a free session to each member who wants it

You can find the partner’s website HERE!

As strange as it may seem, this discipline exists and it requires a lot of physical and mental performance in its realization!

The proposed price reduction brings the annual license to 92 €.

Click HERE to learn more about the sport and the TPM.

You dream of joining a gym but it costs too much? Don’t dream anymore!

The BDS offers you a partnership with Gigafit of Belfort, a gym specialized in the practice of recreational weight training.

A monthly discount of 10 € as well as a registration fee of only 20€. So only 19.95€ per month to get the athletic body you always wanted!

You will have access to facilities such as cardio training, guided weight training, free weights, group classes, biking studio and even a sauna!

In addition, the machines are equipped with a screen to connect you to netflix, spotify and other applications so you can enjoy your workout.

You play American Football with the BDS or you simply want to discover another, more competitive, side of the sport? This partnership is for you!

Les Princes de Montbéliard offer you to join their ranks and benefit from exclusive discounts and advantages:

100€ discount on the license, bringing it down to 100€.

– A free trial week

Come and take advantage of this great partnership by contacting us or the Princes de Montbéliard directly!