What is BDS ?

The BDS is the UTBM (University of Technology from Belfort – Montbéliard) sport association for students and staff. That means this association manages every sports activities on campus except sport courses. This association is only managed by volunteers students during their studies. So please, be comprehensive with them. We offer a wide range of activities about sport :
  • Sport slots : every day BDS manage several sport training, you can find schedule of Belfort and or Montbéliard on this website.
  • Partners : we offer you a wide range of sport club partners where you can train hard with reduce prices
  • Tournaments : we organize generally three tournaments every semester, we call those “nuit du sport” (sport night). The sports are : basketball, volleyball and badminton
  • Events : we organize one or two major event, it could be an obstacle race like “Montbéli’hard” or “Elsass’run”, or an original activity like Jump park, treetop adventure course or Via Ferrata…
The BDS was created in the same year than UTBM : 1999, since this year a lot of students have allowed to this association to grow up.

Who manages the BDS ?

The BDS committee is composed of 17 volunteers students who are divided in 5 differents parts.
  • Bds board : President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary. They lead the association in order to develop it and manage the team.
  • Communication committee : Newsletter writer, Graphic designer, Video maker, Community manager. They are responsible to ensure a good communication between members and UTBM staff and students.
  • Offices committee : one or two responsibles for each site. They are responsible of their office, they have to welcome our members and to answer to their questions.
  • Entertainment committee : Event responsible, Tournaments manager, Integration responsible. They have to organize different kinds of events during the semester.
  • Sport committee : Sport responsible, Competition responsible and Partnership manager. They are are in charge of planning every slots sports, managing competition with others universities and promoting new agreements with external association or sporting shops.