You would like to join the BDS (UTBM sport association), it’s simple !

You can join this association for a semester or for a year, after you have paid, you can go to every sport slots and participate at all events, tournaments or competitions with a reduce price.

To become a member of BDS you have to follow those different steps :

  • Fill the registration form
  • Pay the association with cash, a credit card at the Belfort office, a bank transfert with your complete name, or bank check to “BDS UTBM” (prices below)
 Students or staffApprenticesNon UTBM member
  • Bring your registration form and your payment in one of our office and you will receive a BDS sticker (you will paste it on your student card) in order to prove your subscription at BDS. You will also receive a sport T-shirt.
  • Now you can enjoy every sports !!