How do I sign up for BDS?

To join the BDS, follow the instructions on this page.

What sports are practiced at the BDS?

You can find the sports practiced at the BDS in Belfort here or in Montbéliard here. You should also know that we have many partnerships with organizations outside UTBM, to find out more it’s here.

My sport is not in the list, what can I do?

To open a new sport slot, come to one of our offices during their opening hours or send us an email! The BDS team will be happy to offer a new sport to its members.

How do I get the UTBM Competition T-shirt?

You normally receive the t-shirt when you register for BDS. However, if it’s not the case, you can come and ask for one at our various offices. Don’t forget that if you provide us with a picture of you wearing the t-shirt before/during/after a race, we can share it on social networks.

What is the FFSU?

FFSU stands for “Fédération Française du Sport Universitaire” (the French Federation of University Sports). Thanks to the FFSU, you can participate in inter-university tournaments! Each semester, we organize several matches in basketball, volleyball, football or rugby. Ask your club manager if your sport can be played in FFSU or ask us.

How to register to FFSU?

The registration form can be found here and should be returned at one of our offices.

How to become a member of the BDS office?

To become a board member, all you need to do is be motivated and have an idea of the position you are interested in. Learn more about BDS office positions.

How do I become a club manager?

If you want to become a club manager, i.e. to manage a sports slot, contact the BDS, an office member will answer you to reserve your slot. You will then have to go to one of the offices to meet with a sports manager to get the equipment, keys or badges if necessary.

You will also have to sign a responsibility charter and provide a deposit to commit yourself to taking care of the equipment and to return it at the end of the semester.

Can I go to my sport slot if I don’t have my sticker yet?

At the beginning of the semester, several trial weeks are offered, during which you can try all the sports without paying the BDS fee. At the end of this period, the sticker must be presented before each session.

If you show up without your sticker at a session, the person in charge of the session may ask you to leave the session. In addition, the BDS members present at the time of the session may also ask you to leave the session if you do not have your sticker.

Can only UTBM students join the BDS?

The BDS is an association open to the general public: students, staff and people from outside UTBM. People from outside the university can only take part in slots, they cannot be in charge of a slot.